Scott Riggs ~ Bass
Still playing bass in and around the Martinez area.
Steve Bennett ~ Mandolin
Too Hot to Handle
Steve Bennett lives in Washington State, and plays with several bands.
Joe Stratton ~ Mandolin
Peachtree Station
Multi-instrumentalist Joe Stratton lives in Atlanta, GA, and is a member of this swell band and gigging a plenty.
Chris Sharp ~ Guitar/Banjo/Fiddle
Multi- instrumentalist Chris went to Nashville, and seek his fortune he did. Chris played with John Hartford until John's passing. Chris is on the O Brother soundtrack and the Down From the Mountain CD.
Earl Pitman  ~ Bass/Guitar
We see Earl at Festivals pickin' and grinnin' on the guitar, and he's still playing the tuba!
Elida Ickes ~ Bass
Mom of superstar Rob Ickes, Elida  plays with the Ernie Hunt and her son, Patrick, in a few different bands, and when she is free, with Just Kidding.
Alan Bond ~ Mandolin
Mud Hens/Dark Hollow
Alan Bond is busy with two band projects.  Alan still sits in playing Mando on occasion with the AVB.
Dave Earl ~ Mandolin
Dave plays with Keystone Station and fills in for the AVB every now and then. You can most likely find Dave busking the streets of San Francisco with his one-man band.
Craig Fletcher ~ Banjo
A true Whiskey Brother, Craig still sits in with the AVB from time to time.
The Shaws ~ Bass and Banjo
Andy and Mary are both playing in the  David Thom Band.


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