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"Did I tell you how much I love your CD?? Stays in my car for sing-alongs!"....... Elida Ickes

Willow Pass Road

Featuring music written by our very own award winning songwriter, Lynn Quinones: Willow Pass Road, Slow Boat, Before this Mountain, The Birds Have Returned, Big Mon Said it Best, and Just Let it Rain.

Engineered and recorded by Dan Large. This album was recorded at Mando Studios in Richmond, CA, except for tracks 4, 10 & 11, which were recorded at Jim Nunally's studio in Crockett, CA.

Many thanks to Dan Large for the expertise and hours he brought to bear in shaping the sounds. We all want to thank our families, too, because this product would not have been possible without their support and understanding.

Song Titles:

Slow Boat
Why Don't You Tell Me So
Highway of Pain
Before This Mountain
Sheepdipper Blues
Willow Pass Road
Till the End of the World Rolls Round
The Birds Have Returned
Nobody But You
Give Mother My Crown
Southern Flavor
Big Mon Said it Best
Just Let it Rain


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